Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What do you mean I can't have Ice Cream?!?!

As many people know; I have a little problem with dairy. No, it's not that I have some weird aversion to it; but I have an intolerance for Casein (the protein found in milk and milk products).

While I've tried to "ignore" this fact for as long as I can; in recent years I've started cutting dairy out of my diet completely and let me tell you, I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

BUT...(and this is a BIG but!)

I was always sad about loosing three of my favorite "dairy rich" foods; ice cream, pizza, and macaroni and cheese and I vowed to find a way to get all three back into my life in some way, shape or form.
Well, it's been over a year and I have finally succeeded in making delicious "dairy free" (and wheat free for that matter; since I have a slight intolerance for wheat as well...but that's another blog altogether!) versions of all of them!!! It took a lot of trial and error but the outcome was well worth it.

I know there are a lot of people out there who have issues with dairy, so I thought I would share the best recipe (The ice cream one!) with everyone so that more people would have the chance to welcome this tasty treat back into their lives!

Lauren's Homemade "Dairy Free" Ice Cream

2 1/3 Cups of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (you can sub. soy or rice, but I found that I liked the taste of almond best when it came to ice cream products)
3/4 cups of evaporated cane juice
2/3 cups of almond oil (or macadamia nut oil or avocado oil..I go with what is cheapest because all three come out relatively the same)
1-2 Teaspoons of Vanilla Extract

Mix all ingredients together and put into an ice cream maker and follow the directions. I have a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker and it works great, no special changes need to be made. I have also made this ice cream by hand in a plastic bag with ice and rock salt, so it works that way as well.
I'd allot about two hours to let it "set up" in the freezer after it's mixed so that it's a little bit harder, but then scoop and ENJOY!

This recipe is for basic vanilla. You can add almost anything you like to this version to make different flavors. My favorite so far (and a favorite of my two toughest husband and my brother) is mint chocolate chip. Just substitute one teaspoon of the vanilla for one teaspoon of peppermint oil to the ingredients and then add vegan or dairy free chocolate chips during the last five minutes of mixing.

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