Monday, January 25, 2010

Organic vs. Non-Organic

Let's face it...often if you say organic to a budget savvy shopper they instantly think “more expensive”, which can be true. So, how do you save and still get many of the benefits of buying organic fruits and veggies? By knowing which fruits and vegetables retain the most pesticide residue and which retain almost none.
It's always good advice to thoroughly wash all your fruits and vegetables before consuming them; but for the fruits and veggis on our “Always Organic” list even washing isn't enough to protect yourself from the dangerous residual pesticides, which can leech into the actual food itself.

"Always Organic": In testing these fruits and vegetables showed the most pesticide residue and should therefore always be purchased organic.

-Sweet Bell Peppers
-Imported Grapes

“Non Organic”: In testing, these fruits and vegetables showed little to no pesticide residue and therefore are pretty safe to go Non-organic if you want.

-Sweet Corn
-Sweet Peas

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