Saturday, January 16, 2010

What is Luminous Living?

When we are born, our life energy shines from within us like a brilliant light. Babies are born with the innate knowledge of how to best nurture that light; through deep diaphragm breathing, sleeping as their bodies need it, expressing emotions as they feel them, eating as their bodies tell them to, etc. etc. etc. As we grow and learn from society around us, we begin to forget that initial wisdom and can do things that begin to dim our inner light. Every time we drink a soda or eat junk food, skip breakfast, neglect to exercise, or engage in unhealthy lifestyle choices that light gets dimmer. Luminous living is about making the healthy choices in life that repair damage done, to bring back light that was lost and be the brightest we can be. It's about eating healthy, exercising, and maintaining balance in spirit and emotion. Luminous living is about making our lights shine their very brightest.

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  1. Lauren, I love this. It truly inspires me to be more healthy and exercise more but most of all be more spirit/emotionally balanced. Although I'm not eating right AT ALL, it will be something I will need to ween myself off of but as far as exercise I'm itching to get back into it. I really would love it if you could come teach me some yoga and natural healing techniques i wold love to learn.