Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

(Portrait of My Dad)
Artwork By Chris Zahner

My dad is one of those do-it-all, know-it-all type guys. He can fix anything, solve any problem, and I swear some days he knows more useless information than all the rest of my family combined.
Growing up, my brother and I used to joke that my dad worked for the CIA, for two reasons...#1: As kids we really didn't understand what his job title meant (Operations Systems Manager or something along those lines...see I still don't know it!) #2:No one person knows as much as he does without being James Bond, MacGyver, or a human Encyclopedia.
As we grew up, we started to realize that while my father was indeed a very smart man; he was also a world class BS'er. I've watched him outsmart people in their own fields of business; from Real Estate Agents, to car Salesmen and beyond. And one of the greatest lessons I've learned from him over the years is exactly how he was able to pull all this off.
My dad has NEVER stopped learning. He asks questions, he tries everything new, he listens to experts, he reads news/magazines/manuals, and he takes up every opportunity he can to expand his ever growing mind.
My dad always told me that in the working world a boss could take just about anything from you; benefits, time, money, and of course your very job itself. But, one thing no one could ever take from you was the experience and the knowledge you gain while working there. He always encouraged me to to learn as much as I possibly could at each and every job I held and to glean as much knowledge and growth from my everyday life.
I've always admired my dad's sharp mind and hard working ethic. When things get tough and life gets stressful; he's one of the best people to turn to and help find the good that can come from it, the lessons that can be learned, and the experiences that can be used.

He's been one of my greatest teachers in life and for that I am so incredibly blessed and thankful.

Love ya pops! Happy Father's Day!

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  1. I LOVE this post Lauren!
    My Dad too is great at B.S-ing, although I'm actually pretty sure he would argue that he's got most of the universe all worked out!
    Jokes aside, like your Dad, mine is always there for me and for that I'm so grateful.
    I love how you've written about how he's encouraged you over the years to take the good things in life. What a blessing.
    Dads are pretty special beings!
    Happy Fathers Day to him from me (we celebrate it in September in Australia!)
    Love C xx