Wednesday, November 9, 2011

At peace with it all...

The last four months or so have been a whirlwind, fraught with life challenges, life changes and just a whole lot of living.
I'm finally at a point where I'm past worrying about what's happening and just riding the wave, through good or bad, I'll take each step as it comes.
As is the case with most of my work, this latest piece, "Lotus Blossom" is a visualization of that acceptance and inner peace.

I truly wish every person who sees this could see the actual painting in real is so serenely peaceful. The greens and yellows are so delicate and the gold border is shimmery and uplifting. I am so happy with how it all came together.

This one is definitely going to be hard to let go; but it is a painting I hope will be enjoyed by many, because it is just the kind of piece I feel is meant to be shared.

Much love always.

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