Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nose to the Grindstone...

What is it about having a deadline that really lights a fire under your butt (I mean, besides the obvious?)
In just a few short weeks, I'm going to be participating in a local art/crafts fair for the holidays. The day I got the acceptance email, it was like someone put my artistic motor into overdrive. I had a whole bunch of new ideas, copious amounts of enthusiasm and motivation, and the sudden ability to function on minimal sleep.
For me, the moment someone sets a date on my calender, it's like I become a speeding freight train...completely unstoppable.

I just wish I could harness that kind of energy for the times when I didn't necessarily "need" anything done in a specific time frame...you know, like the months proceeding the holiday mayhem, or that random afternoon when my son decides to take a four hour nap.

Don't get me wrong...I definitely get things done. It's just so exciting to see the kind of progress I make when I have a deadline to meet. I like working on lots of different things at once, and it seems like I only ever do that, when there is some deadline to meet or some event upcoming.

Perhaps, I need to find a way to incorporate more timelines into my work schedule. Whether by participating in more events, or setting personal deadlines.

What sets your creative fire blazing? What are great motivators for you?

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