Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Countdown to the New Year!

I've always been a person of new beginnings. Every moment, every new day, every new week, month and year, is a chance to start fresh. I love knowing that every second, I can make changes, start over, or just tweak things to make different parts of my life new and interesting!

Over the past month, I've been taking this idea of change and applying it to my art. Unlike many of my fellow Etsy sellers, December was a fairly quiet month for me in terms of sales. Which, for many reasons, I am grateful for.
One of those reasons being, that I was finally able to sit down and experiment with new forms of artwork.

One of the things I have come up with, that I am most excited about, is my new Art Pendants!

When I started experimenting with the pendants, I had no idea if I could pull it off. It's hard enough to paint on a small scale, but cutting paper tiles and mosaicking in miniature, proved to be quite a challenge!
But, after hours and hours of practice, several sets of failed resin pours, lots of "oops!" and a couple swear words...I finally got the hang of what I was doing and started having a lot of fun!

I'll be rolling out my art pendants some time within the next couple weeks. So stay tuned to see all the fun new miniature works in store!

And being as I seem to be all about "shaking things up" right now, be sure and keep an eye out for even more new things! And perhaps even a Giveaway or two ;)

Much love to you all!

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