Monday, March 7, 2011

A side dish of Craftiness...

It's funny how re-awakening my creative spark has helped me open up creativity in all aspects of my life. It's as if even the most mundane of chores and activities have a new opportunity to get crafty and creative.
One thing I've gotten back into is creative gift giving. I used to love hand making gifts, making personalized cards and getting clever with my wrapping ideas; but at some point...I kind of lost the fun in it. I don't know why; but I do know that ever since starting my Etsy shop and working constantly on my mosaics...that fun spark is back and better than ever! :)
This past weekend I went to a baby shower and decided to make a diaper cake; but instead of the traditional cakes, I opted for four mini "cupcakes" on a platter. Using diapers, burp clothes, washcloths and hair bows; I was able to make a very cute little setup.
Then, I decided I was having so much fun; I hand painted a card to go with it.
And, like the story goes in "If you give a Mouse a Cookie..." one thing just kept leading to another and I've now made cards, gifts, and creative little "extras" for every holiday, birthday, event in all of March and April.

I love it when my mind is a whirl with so much creative energy! It just keeps me feeling so energized and happy, no matter what else is going on in my life. So, here's to getting creative!
Much love to all and hope you're creative spark is ever glowing!


  1. Those cupcakes are so cute! What a fun idea for a shower gift!!

  2. I love this! I need someone to get prego so I can creat something fun like this for them <3