Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two sides to every story...

It's been a little while since I've had a chance to pop on here and write anything; so I thought I'd take a few minutes tonight and update.
The creative juices have been slow going this past week or so, mostly due to an excess of stress in general. But, as things have quieted down, I've started trying to work through this bout of "artist's block".
One thing I find that always seems to help, is to go back to the beginning, rework something that's been done before, or just start hunting around for any spark of inspiration in all things familiar.
And, that's how I came up with the piece I am currently working on, "Opposites Attract".

I thoroughly enjoy painting Sugar Skulls, and so when all else fails, I try to think of a new version of my tried and true favorite subject matter. This time, it's influenced by the internal tug of war I've been having lately of balancing all the different parts of myself; mother, wife, artist, friend, leader, follower, responsible, free spirited...but, two pieces I find most difficult to balance are my love and need to give to others versus my love and need to give to myself.
I often err on the side of giving too much and leaving nothing left to spare for myself.
But, after dealing with some big life decisions this week and working through some various challenges with my wonderful husband; I began to realize that these two halves of my being can work together, instead of draining from one another.

Hence, the divided halves of the skull, completely different, yet working together harmoniously to create a whole.

I'm excited to see how this pieces turns out in the end, but already, it's got a lot of heart and soul in it.

Much love to all...


  1. Lauren, your skull is beautiful and balanced. Your story about it explains the "heart and soul" of it and it's creation. Thank you for sharing your personal story and your creative process - it will resonate with many readers and inspire them. Linda MidwestieLady

  2. I think it a struggle that affects us all, Lauren and I'm glad you have come to some resolution.

    Your piece is just lovely.

    I've come to learn that balance is not always possible, but caring for yourself is.


  3. Fantastic piece - thanks for sharing the thoughts behind it.

  4. Love the sugar skull Lauren, I wish you peace and balance in your life, very difficult to accomplish and we always seem to cheat ourselves the most.

  5. Lovely work! It really conveys the idea of opposites and balance beautifully.

  6. I so understand that particular conflict in your life as it's one I have to deal with on a fairly regular basis. Finding a balance is extremely important and making time and room for yourself is as well. It's a daily process for me, and if I neglect it, I find myself anxious and a wee bit angry. So good luck with working through it in your life; sounds like you're well on your way, and your skull is proof of that!