Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's talk...

It's funny how a good conversation can touch your heart in a most profound way. Suddenly, as soon as the words are done; there is a sense of peace and complete joy; even if the words were sad or difficult.
I had one of these beautiful conversations today with a dear friend of mine and it lifted my spirits, calmed my mind, and right now as I sit here writing I am completely at peace.
Through meditation/prayer/quiet contemplation we can often find a personal sense of peace; but I think even many of the great spiritual thinkers of the ages would agree, there are times when we must see our thoughts displayed before us, as is done during a good conversation.
It gives us a chance to reflect, challenge and open ourselves to new ideas.

I believe a healthy spiritual life is just as important as a healthy physical life. Whatever that spiritual life is; it must be nurtured through love, learning and growing. So, get out there and have a good "Talk" today with someone about something other than daily habits, the latest gossip, or groaning about minor injustices...discuss feelings, beliefs, fears, happiness, and love. Be open. Be honest. Be kind. And who knows where it may take your heart...

Much love.

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