Sunday, January 23, 2011

Raw Banana Ice Cream (Dairy Free!)

With my dairy-free diet requirements, I am always on the lookout for delicious alternatives to my most beloved (and missed) dairy foods.
Ice cream is a big one. I have a big sweet tooth, and I'm always trying to find new and fun ways to tweak my ice cream recipes.
My mom recently passed this one on to me, and I am in LOVE! It is like having fresh soft serve ice cream and takes just minutes to prepare.


4 Frozen Bananas
Optional: Cocoa powder, chocolate chips, vanilla flavoring, berries etc

Shred the bananas with the grating blade of a food processor and then blend with water until the desired consistency is reached. To create different flavor combinations (or to hide some of the banana flavor) add cocoa, chocolate, berries etc.
For mine, I added apprx. 2 TBS of cocoa powder, a tiny sprinkle of sugar and a tsp of vanilla extract. It made the most DELICIOUS chocolate ice cream I've had in a long time!
My biggest issue with most dairy free ice creams is the lack of creaminess...but this was incredibly smooth and delicious.

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