Friday, January 7, 2011

New Beginnings...

It has been a ridiculously long time since I have been on here to write a new blog.I t was partially due to a lack of available free time and partially to a terrible case of writer's block. Not just a sense of not having something to write about; but literally having no ideas, no direction, no utter clue about what to write. Every time I logged in...I blanked.
I started this blog, with a purpose of sharing knowledge about healthy, luminous living. And, as time has passed I've realized that not only is this blog is a great way to share information that I learn; it's actually a great place to share my own personal experiences as well.
So... with that in mind I've decided to do a little remodel; and here's what's been going on in my "luminous life" lately. :-)

A couple years ago, a friend of mine held a mosaic workshop for a small group of people and I spent a weekend learning the fine art of tile mosaic. I pretty much instantly fell in love with the process. It was so detailed, so all consuming. You could get lost for hours in the arranging and rearranging of tiles.
But, being that my family is on a pretty strict budget (Or at least we are in my own husband is constantly telling me how "overly frugal" I am), I never really got around to actually getting materials for myself and starting a mosaic hobby. Instead, being the ever thrifty lady that I am. (and calling upon my minor pack rat tenancies) I decided to use scraps of paper and "practice" the skills of mosaic while I saved up some extra money to buy tiles, grout, and other various tools.
Little did I know...the art of paper mosaic was seeping into my heart and taking up root. The moment I finished my first piece, I was in love. Not only was I immensely pleased with the result (which is a very rare thing for me) I had loved the entire process from start to finish (which was an unbelievable month long endeavor...unheard of from the girl who usually started and finished art work in the same 24 hour span)
Since that moment, I have felt like butterfly emerging from her cocoon. Everything has felt so natural, so right, and so beautiful.
Art for me has always been a means to express the things I just can't seem to put into words; but finding a medium in which I felt comfortable was always a major stumbling block for me. But now, paper mosaic has filled that void and given me more freedom of expression than I thought possible.
So, I've decided to run with it. Doing things I had never felt brave enough or would have allowed myself to do before. For starters, I am now calling myself an artist. I never felt deserving enough for that title, because I never felt like I had much to offer in the way of "art", but I am now embracing that being an artist is just a natural part of who I am as a being; regardless of "how good" I am.
I have also started posting my work for sale and working towards getting it out to the public, instead of hoarding it away in dusty corners; afraid to share it with the world.

Up until this moment, I've been posting mostly physical ways to embrace your own "Luminous Living" in the form of research gathered from other sources. But now, I'm going to add my own touch of knowledge about mental and spiritual luminous living; based off the lessons I've learned myself (especially through this most recent adventure!). :-)

Today's lesson: Embrace the things that bring you joy. For me, indulging in my art has been an incredible stepping stone in my life path; and instead of shying away, afraid of rejection, ridicule or failure; I am putting myself out there in full force! I'm giving this moment in my life my complete energy and whether my art sits on a back shelf for the rest of my life, sells out within days, garners praise or ridicule, invokes awe or disappointment, or is ignored completely; I am happy just to have tried. I am happy that it makes me happy, and that is all that matters.

Blessings, love, and happiness to all. May you always live your life luminously!

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