Thursday, July 21, 2011

As I Am...

So, who am I? This crazy mosaic chick who posts here...well, I'll tell ya.

I'm a wife a mother, a woman who worries too much, who loves very deeply, who feels VERY strongly, who forgives easily, who obsesses over cleaning and saving money, who would rather be happy and will find any excuse to be so, who feels a connection to every human being on earth, who loves bold colors, who can be very serious when called for and extremely goofy and childlike the rest of the time.
I sing in the car (at the top of my lungs), I dance in the kitchen (to the soundtracks of old musicals), I enjoy a good dirty joke, I love watching television shows from the fifties and sixties, I am a chronic klutz, I have the thickest hair you've ever seen (I'm glad my mom is a hairdresser, because it would cost a small fortune to actually pay someone to cut/color/style my hair), I enjoy swinging on swings, I'm a sucker for chocolate.

I practice yoga, I walk as much as I can, I'm a health food nut (stemming from the fact that I can't tolerate any wheat or dairy), I love people watching, I love to hug, I meditate, I love the smell of lavender.

I'm a closet nerd, I love watching movies, thanks to my husband I'm a budding car enthusiast, I'm a photo nut (with over 27,000 photos on my computer alone), I have tattoos, I hate makeup (wear it as little as I can) but love jewelry (the stranger and more unique the better).

I'm a whole mashed up mix up of things...I'm a crazy colorful mosaic of me. And that is why I created my newest piece, "As I Am". It is a self portrait, inspired by an old photograph of me (in heavy makeup...oddly enough). It's hard to put into words, why this piece is so much of who I am, but it really is. The stark seriousness of the face, contrasted against the swirly, pink and purple vibrancy of the background is pretty much me in a nutshell...

I have the mind and wisdom of a fifty year old, the body of a twenty something and the spirit of a five year old. I take life very seriously, but there is always an opportunity to sing, dance or just lie in the grass and look for bugs.

So, who are you?

1 comment:

  1. I totally sing in the car.

    I snark at almost everyone in my brain.

    My house is a disaster. Always.

    I love wine and beer... too much.

    thick hair, yes. more crafty than arty. cynically optimistic? I say practical. prosaic? probably... although I like to think I was poetic once.