Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm so excited about one of my newest pieces. After having such a great time making it, getting such great feedback and selling my first Sugar Skull piece; I decided to make another one.
This one has a couples theme and includes both male and female representations.
I just finally finished the painting and now I'm ready to mosaic! The detail painting on these pieces is incredibly time consuming; so I'm thrilled to be finished.
I've also had a spark of inspiration regarding my paper tiles, and I started using this new method on the portrait of my son. So far it's working more perfectly than I could have imagined, and it gives me a whole new range of possibilities to work with.

On the whole, I'm extremely excited about everything I'm working on right now, and enjoying all the new ideas and creativity that's flowing. Much love to all and may you always live Luminously!

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