Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow! Wait...What?

Yesterday was one of those days when magic was just in the air. Out of the blue, in a town that hasn't seen snow since the sometime around the 1950's, it just up and snowed like crazy for about an hour and a half.
Now, our local mountains get snow from time to time during the coldest parts of the winter; but to see snow in town is a pretty rare event. (And, I know that people from the northern states and east coast are laughing at me right now...because this really "barely" qualifies as snow)
But, needless to say, the second those flakes began to fall the people all over town threw on their warmest coats, grabbed a camera, and ran outside to play!
My entire neighborhood was abuzz with people popping in and out of their houses, walking down the slushy streets, and taking pictures.
The most wonderful thing about it was just how simple it all was. A few moments of frozen water falling from the sky to brighten the faces of every man, woman and child in the area.
I love moments like those; where something strangely out of the ordinary happens and shakes life up a little bit. It's a beautiful little reminder to enjoy every moment; because in every moment there is beauty.
For someone who lives their entire lives around snow; it can lose it's majesty, it's beauty, and it's wonder...but, take that same snow and show it to someone who has never seen it or rarely seen it and suddenly it is magical and wonderful again. It's like looking at life through the eyes of a child...where everything is filled with wonder and amazement.
I think tomorrow, no matter what the weather is...I'm going to find a little more mystery and joy in it.

Thanks for the magic mother nature. ;)

Much love always.

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